Virus Control Products

How can I protect against viruses?


Covering your face and your hands are simple but vital steps to prevent spreading and catching infectious diseases. Viruses are commonly picked up and carried on our hands and are very easily spread through speaking, coughing or sneezing.

Help control the spread of viruses by wearing masks and gloves.


Removal of virus-spreading germs requires thorough cleaning of both hands and surfaces. The length of time that viruses are able to survive on inanimate surfaces will vary, but germs are readily inactivated by cleaning and disinfection.

Help control the spread of viruses by cleaning surfaces and hands regularly.


Containing viruses through quarantining is important, but not always possible or realistic, especially if affected people are unaware that they have a virus. Sterilising and disinfecting larger spaces can contain and defeat the spread of viruses.

Help control the spread of viruses by using foggers to disinfect larger areas.