About Us

APE Distribution is a supplier of photographic product and services to Australian businesses. It has enjoyed this position for over 30 years. It is the largest non-government passport equipment supplier in Australia with supplies to over 1000 retail stores.

The company prides itself on providing clients with exceptional customer service and is represented in all major cities. In 2006 the company developed Australia’s first digital passport system. Industry need a replacement to the standard Polaroid camera as government regulations tightened on what was acceptable as a photo for passport use.

In 2017 the company developed the Global ID Solution so that their customers could more easily conform to changing government regulation. The introduction of the Global system has been a major success that has resulted in international sales and also some very large Australian organisations considering using the system exclusively.

The future for APE Distribution is to keep innovating and distributing products that make it easy and profitable for stores to offer an efficient service that their customers enjoy.