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Ideas for DIY Wedding Photography

The moment you start planning your wedding, you’ll feel your wallet start to lighten because we all know how expensive weddings can be. And if you’re trying to work out where to spend your money and where to save it, I’d say, if you can, don’t skimp on getting a decent photographer.  You’re going to be looking at those photos for a lifetime (hopefully) so you’ll want to have some good ones – not just photos of Aunty Mary’s left thumb in every shot.

Wedding photographers have a critical job to do on the big day and that’s to capture the special moments surrounding the happy couple, their families and any other people they’ve been instructed to capture. The thing is, they can’t be everywhere at once. That means while they’re busy capturing  traditional pics of the groom, his mother, his estranged father 2 sisters, his little brother and his 2 year old nephew, no one is capturing everything else behind the scenes. And sometimes, they’re the most fun photos. So don’t forget the DIY wedding photos taken by your wedding guests. Whilst some couples aren’t overly enthused with having their guests take photos on the day, if you don’t mind so much, you’ve got a great chance of getting some fantastic character shots if you make your wedding guest earn their keep by playing photographer for you. And there’s lots of ways you can get them to help you

Here’s some ideas you can use to let your guest contribute your DIY wedding photography:

Disposable cameras

Whilst it’s a little old school, leaving a disposable camera on each guest table has some great positives – it’s cost effective, you’ll get lots and lots of extra photos and the photos at the end are a complete surprise (in more ways than one in a lot of cases). Also because you know exactly how many you’ve distributed, you can factor in your photo processing costs into your wedding budget.

Set up a drop folder

Before the big day, set up a wedding drop folder (there’s plenty of secure drop folders including DropBox, One Drive, iCloud etc.) and ask everyone to take lots of photos and then upload photos taken on their iPhones and DLSRs of the big day as soon as they can after the event. You’ll be guaranteed to have some great photos in there, some you’d never expected.


Wedding hashtag

If you’re happy for people to share your wedding day memories across social media, make sure you set up a hashtag before the day so you can save photos from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and perhaps even print up a photobook or collage out of them. Make the hashtag unique to make sure those posts don’t get mixed up with other posts.

Setup a DIY Photobooth

DIY outdoor photo Booths are a super-cool and fun way of capturing photos of each of your wedding guests on the day. If you’ve got your Pringo photo printer there, photos taken on Smartphones can be printed on the day and taken away as personalised wedding favours.

Print photos on the day

Set up a couple of Pringo mini wifi photo printers with instructions on how to hook your guests’ smartphones to the device so they can print photos there and then either hang them on display throughout the night or take them home to keep. Guests could get selfies with each of the Bride and Groom.

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So whilst your fabulous wedding photographer is happy snapping away traditional photos of the newly married couple and their families, don’t forget to take the opportunity to use your wedding guests and their many iPhones to capture all those moments that your photographer has missed.

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